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IMPORTANT: Oct. 4th, 2018
 Notice of immediate changes for new and returning ALS users

Dear ALS users, PIs and Experiment Leaders 

Following a recent review of LBNL procedures for vetting researchers using user facilities, the ALS will strictly adhere to ALS policy as described below and on our web page:

The following process MUST be completed online, by new and returning users with expired badge access, at least 14 days prior to arrival at the ALS:
  • New Users: Create a user account in ALSHub, the ALS user portal.
  • Returning Users with expired badge: Update your user profile in ALSHub to tell us when you will arrive.
The 14 day notice of arrival is a hard requirement for users arriving after October 15, 2018Please be sure to inform potential new ALS users in your group who will not receive this email.

Not a U.S. citizen? Please look at Documents for Foreign Nationals well ahead of your visit. Bring all relevant documents to the ALS. Users from sensitive countries will not be provided access to LBNL until the DOE approval process is completed. We encourage early registration. 

NOTE: Users who are citizens of, or were born in, T4 countries (Iran, Sudan, and Syria) need DOE permission to work at the ALS, a process which can take 6-9 months to obtain. They should create a user account in ALSHub as soon as possible to start the approval process. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact the user office. 
Best wishes, 
Sue Bailey


1. Please submit experimental safety form (ESAF) at least two weeks in advance.   In addition, users should notify and discuss the experimental plans with beamline scientists, such as the q range of interest, sample environment, etc. 

2. If you need to ship samples or chemical to ALS, please contact us before you send. 

3. If you are a newly registered user or don't have access to the experimental floor, please plan to arrive at ALS during work hours and update your arrival information inside

4. Please remember to inform ALS your arrival date in advance inside ALShub to avoid delay at the LBNL main gate.

5. If you need ALS to help ship packages back to your home institution, you need to clearly label each chemical and provide all relevant MSDS.