How to get to ALS
1 cyclotron rd., berkeley, ca 94720

1. Airports nearby

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
(26 miles away from LBNL)

Oakland International Airport
(15 miles away from LBNL)

2. From the airports to ALS

2a. Taxi from SFO to Berkeley, ~ $50
2b. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) 

# SFO - Downtown Berkeley station (~ 1 hour,  ~$10 one way)

take YELLOW line towards Pittsburg / Bay Point;
transfer at 19th St. Oakland 
ORANGE line towards Richmond (timed transfer)
Get off at Downtown Berkeley Station

# Oakland International Airport to Downtown Berkeley Station (40 min)
towards Coliseum; transfer at Coliseum station, take the Richmond train

3. Downtown Berkeley BART station to/from ALS  (2.4 miles)

Berkeley Lab Shuttle 
[available on weekdays only]

Take Blue uphill  to ALS (building 6). 

bus station near Downtown Berkeley BART station
Berkeley Lab shuttle (Blue uphill to ALS)

4. Parking at ALS

Finding a parking space at Berkeley Lab can be very difficult. Users are strongly encouraged to use the Berkeley Lab shuttles whenever possible (see Directions, Maps).


Parking Permits
Parking at Berkeley Lab and the ALS is by permit only. Signs in each parking lot designate the types of permit required for that area. Cars parked in no-parking areas or reserved spaces without appropriate permits may be cited or towed.

A one-day permit must be obtained at the Berkeley Lab Main Gate (Blackberry Gate). Longer term parking permits are issued by the Berkeley Lab Site Access Office (Building 65A, by the bus stop after the main gate), to eligible ALS users after their registration is completed.

5. Berkeley Lab map


1. Berkeley Lab Guest House

within walking distance from ALS. Book ASAP if needed.