Upcoming Meetings:

Advanced Light Source Annual User Meeting  (Aug. 25-28, 2020) - Virtual
Molecular Foundry Annual User Meeting (Aug. 20-21, 2020) - Virtual

Corie Ralston (LBNL), Paul Adams (LBNL), Michael Martin (ALS, LBNL), Chenhui Zhu (ALS, LBNL) & Daniela Ushizima (CRD LBNL & UCB)
Workshop (Virtual) at ALS User Meeting, Friday, August 28 2020.

Bioimaging Innovation Forum (July 24, 2020) - Virtual
Corie Ralston (MF, MBIB), Hans Bechtel, Michael Martin, Chenhui Zhu (ALS), Daniela Ushizima (CRD LBNL & UCB), Peter  Zwart (CRD), Andrea Tallor (ALS)

Past seminar
since Dec. 2019

(5) Dr. Andrei Fluerasu, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York
May 26, 2020
Title: The Coherent Hard X-ray Scattering beamline at NSLS-II: watching the nanoscale dance of materials

(4) Prof. Robert Leheny, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland
May 7, 2020
Title: Connecting microscopic dynamics and rheology of soft materials with x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy 

(3) Dr. Marios Georgiadis, Stanford University
Time: April 10, 2020
Title: X-ray scattering tensor tomography on biological materials: applications on collagen fibers in bone and myelinated axons in the brain

(2) Dr. Emily Davison (Harvard University)
Title: Light-induced shape memory via 3D printing of bond-exchangeable LCEs
Time: April 1, 2020

(1)  Dr. Song Sanghoon (LCLS,SLAC)
Title: "Dynamic studying in condensed matter with hard X-ray free electron laser at LCLS"
Time:  Wednesday, December 11,2019.

Past workshops

Eric Meshot, Jun Feng, Chenhui Zhu, Cheng Wang, Alastair MacDowell.

12. "CAMERA XPCS workshop",   Berkeley, CA, Feb. 26-27, 2019

ALS User Meeting 2018, Oct. 2-4, 2018, Berkeley, CA

10. GISAXS summer school, Experiments and data analysis, Sep. 17-18, Bayreuth, Germany

9. Soft Matter Dynamics at the Nano- to Meso-Scale Workshop, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sep 17-18, 2018

Workshops at 2017 ALS User Meeting

Workshop at 2016 ALS user meeting
5. The Future of Materials Exploration: Intelligent synthesis, discovery, characterization, and optimization
(Workshop at 2015 ALS user meeting)

(Workshop at 2014 ALS user meeting)