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Molecular Foundry Acess

If you need to access the equipments at the Molecular Foundry,  before or after your ALS beam time, you are encouraged to put in such requests on your ALS general user proposal. 

The list of facilities at the Molecular Foundry be found

If you have any question or would like to know more details, please feel free to contact the ALS User Office, Molecular Foundry User office, or the facility personnel. 

ALS User Office:

Foundry User office:

Joint Access to the Molecular Foundry

Access to the Molecular Foundry (Foundry) can be requested to support the activities described in an ALS proposal.

The Foundry is organized into seven research facilities. Prospective users are strongly encouraged to review the tools and capabilities available at the Foundry before submitting a request. The amount of Foundry time available for ALS support varies from approximately 20 to 80 hours, depending on current demand and the instruments or workflows requested, and users may request access to more than one facility. Questions about the available resources should be directed to Foundry scientific staff. For help identifying the appropriate scientific contact, email the Foundry User Office.

If the requested Foundry resources are available and the work described is feasible, Foundry access will be approved when ALS beamtime is awarded. Upon approval, users will receive a Foundry proposal number and an Assigned Scientist who will serve as their scientific point of contact at the Foundry for the project. Each user accessing the Foundry as part of their accepted ALS proposal will have to complete safety and on-the-job training specific to the requested activities prior to beginning work at the Foundry.

To request access to the Foundry, complete the relevant page of the ALS General User Proposal submission form. You will be asked to provide the following:

    • Identification of facility or facilities requested, including which will be the lead facility
    • Brief technical description of the work to be performed in each requested facility (200-400 words per facility)
    • Name of Foundry staff with whom you have discussed your project (optional)